Happy Clients

“Thank you so much for such a thorough and thoughtful edit of my work.  I’ve used other editing services before and yours has been one of the most reasonably priced and complete readings of my work.” —  Brian Marchetti.

“Asking Sally Bradley to critique the first three chapters of my book was one of the smartest things I’ve done. My only regret is that I did not contact her sooner.  Not only did she point out areas I needed to address, but she also took the time to explain the reasons behind them, helping me improve as a writer. Sally has been thorough and incredibly helpful, but she’s also been kind, prompt, and professional. ” — Kimberly P. Chase

“Sally delivers her critique with a fantastic blend of professionalism, humor and compassion. Not only did she offer thorough, insightful feedback on my manuscript but she suggests workable solutions in a manner that is easy to digest. Her attention to detail is amazing. I’m confident that after retaining her services, my understanding of the craft of writing has improved tremendously. I will definitely be a repeat customer.” — Heidi Blankenship

“Asking for Sally’s help and allowing her to critique my manuscript is one of the smartest things that I’ve done as a writer. I’ve read several books about the craft of writing, but nothing cemented my understanding of the techniques illustrated in those books like having someone use my own words as an example. Sally not only provided detailed insight, she also offered suggestions that helped me brainstorm ways to fix problem areas. With a servant’s heart she provided valuable feedback that I know will help me to grow as a writer.” — Sharon Ball, 2009 Genesis Contest finalist, Contemporary Fiction

“Sally Bradley is everything she claims to be and more. She willingly shares her expertise and provides a critical analysis of the key points that will surely make or break your manuscript when it comes to delivering a finished product to a literary agent or editor. Everyone should give serious consideration to retaining Sally’s services. You can expect to end up with an improved manuscript and a better final product.” — Steve Chicoine, www.freedomhistory.com

“I can’t say enough about Sally Bradley’s critique service. She’s thorough and full of good ideas and usable suggestions. She saw all the things that weren’t working in my story that I couldn’t see. With her suggestions I feel I can create a publishable manuscript. And she’s prompt. I definitely will be using her services again.” — Ginger Chiveral

“Sally Bradley’s critique service helped my romantic suspense novel be accepted by a major agent. I’d definitely recommend her to help bring your writing to the next level.” — Julie Dearyan

“Having someone take a critical look is a painful but necessary task if we want our ‘baby’ to walk and prove itself to a publisher or agent. Sally is that compassionate, but thorough, critiquer I was looking for. She has helped me polish my manuscript enough to pitch it to an agent and publishers.” — Terri Gillespie, www.terrigillespie.com

“Sally Bradley is detail-oriented and will tighten and fine-tune your novel without losing your voice. Serious writers will want to hone their novels with this editing service.” — Laura Hilton

“I had been querying my novel with literary agents for six months without a hint of interest. I found Sally’s website and decided to have my query letter and synopsis evaluated by her. After making the changes she suggested, I began to get requests from agents to see some or all of my manuscript. This culminated in two agents offering me representation. I have signed with one and am now excited about trying to get my book published. In retrospect, I’d never have gotten this far without Sally’s help. Her review of my query and synopsis was very insightful. Thanks, Sally!” — Brian Mahon

“Sally is my second set of writing eyes; her insights have proven invaluable. Her critiques are thorough and well thought out, and it’s clear that she takes a great deal of care in her suggestions. I feel confident in entrusting her with the written works that I’ve put so many hours and such energy into. My only regret is that I hadn’t found her sooner.” — Kamaria Romeo

“I’ve worked with Sally since the fall of 2006 and have found her insights a great asset for my writing projects. Her senses and skills blend to help keep a plot moving or rein in a runaway section of narrative. Her significant knowledge of the industry and of the craft of writing guide her comments and suggestions. A critique? Nice. A personal editor? Very nice. Sally Bradley’s manuscript service? Priceless.” — Cynthia Ruchti, author of They Almost Always Come Home, Abingdon Press, spring 2010

“Sally Bradley is a milestone in the journey of my novel. Her suggestions for my young adult fantasy manuscript opened my eyes to a new level of writing. When I reached the end of my editing abilities, Sally helped me take the next step. Her critique was very thorough, examining characters, plot, weaknesses I never would have caught, and much more. I definitely plan to use her again as my writing continues and highly recommend her services to any other writer. I look forward to finishing the editing process for this novel, thanks to Sally’s services.” — Nadine Shea

“Working with Sally has been incredible. She has been so patient and helpful to me. I knew the advice she gave me was making the book stronger, but I was amazed when I got back comments from contest judges telling me to do exactly what Sally already had me change in our editing sessions. Her instincts were exactly what they wanted to make the book a winner. She is brilliant and one of the nicest people I know.” — Lee Smith

“If there’s a problem you can’t identify in your manuscript, Sally Bradley can find it! She pointed out common mistakes, then gave suggestions that made my manuscript stronger. Her comments and ideas pushed my book to the next level of writing. It’s worth every penny.” — Rachel Trautmiller

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Sally has two books releasing!

Taken, a Kept novella, released May 20. Get a peek into Miska and Dillan's lives as Jordan, Dillan's sister, finds love--and danger. Then on June 28, Homestands released, book one in the Chicago Wind series. Find out more under Sally's Books tab.

It’s a Bestseller!

On July 7th, Homestands and the box set it was in, Whispers of Love, hit #79 on the USA Today bestseller list! A huge, huge thank you to everyone who bought the set and made that happen!

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