Fiction is powerful, isn't it? Sure, the characters and the plot might not be real, but well-done fiction has the power to move us and shape us, to make us think and re-evaluate things.

Over the years, Christian fiction has made me evaluate my relationship with my husband--and with God. Made me hug my kids longer and appreciate the blessings God's given me. That's what I strive for in my own fiction--to point the reader back to God, the One Who has all the answers.

Sound like your kind of book? Then keep in touch! My first book, Kept, releases this September.

Sally has two books releasing!

Taken, a Kept novella, releases May 20. Get a peek into Miska and Dillan's lives as Jordan, Dillan's sister, finds love--and danger. Then on June 28, Homestands releases, book one in the Chicago Wind series.

Awards for Kept

The Christian Manifesto's Lime Award for Romantic Fiction

The Grace Award for Romance.

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